What exactly does that word mean?  Nobody knows.  At my best guess, it’s a word that expresses amazement.  It is a word of appreciation for something that’s out of the ordinary.

Did Jesus ever say, “Wow?”  No, I’m pretty sure He didn’t, but if that had been a word of His day, I think He would have said it on several occasions.

  • When Peter asked to walk on the water
  • When the poor widow gave her last two small coins in the treasury
  • When Mary broke a box of perfume valued at a years wages and poured it on Him
  • When Paul said, “I count every thing in my past as garbage, when I compare it to what I have in Christ.”

There are other incidences, but you get the idea.  Jesus never changes.  Our faith in Him, His authority, and His word still have the “wow” effect.


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